I Can’t Be All About Myself

First and foremost, my utmost condolences to Pak Lah on the demise of his wife. For the first time in my life, every radio channel that I tuned into serenaded me with piano pieces. Doesn’t October just suck?

I lost two grandparents, a greatgrandaunty and the prime minister lost his wife.

The grandfather of a housemate is currently in the hospital because he slipped in the bathroom.

What’s with october anyway?!

Regarding my title, I’ve decided to help propagate Peter Tan’s Hair For Hospice campaign.
I’m embarassed to say that I have not been tuning into his blog much in the past few months due to my inability to be connected to the Internet for leisure blog readings. However, I was in Penang yesterday for a trip to the Malaysian Dental Training college and smsed Minishorts if she had Peter’s number just so I could sms him and let him know that I was in Penang as well! Just to know which part he’s on and all. He called me back and we chatted for awhile(as I was crossing the Penang bridge, MY FIRST TIME!) and then he said that he’ll be going to KL quite often now. I was like, “Why?” and then he told me about him cutting his hair for charity and yeah, I remember a mention on this somewhere in the blogosphere.
Curious, I read through his intentions and my, my, what a noble man.

An excerpt from his post:

“The Campaign –I am pledging to shave my head to raise RM5,000.00 for the Penang Hospice-At-Home-Programme. This is removing forty two months worth of uncut hair from my scalp. I have invariably grown attached to them after so many years. It has become part of me, a distinct identity that I have come to be associated with. However, this is all for a cause that I strongly believe in. It is worth the sacrifice.”

I will do my part as soon as I can find a Southern Bank in Sg. Petani. For the mean time, the most I can do is to promote this for him.

So people, do hop over and encourage him to cut his hair!! I’ve seen photoshopped photos of him without his hair and I must say, it’s a refreshing change from his long long hair!